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Buildings & Structures Collection - Vol 1

The collection contains 19 low-poly 3d models of various types of buildings and structures.

There are some towers, windmill, residential and some industrial buildings in this package.

These models are best for use in games and other VR / AR, real-time applications such as Unity or Unreal Engine.

Technical details:

  • The whole collection contains about 30k tris.
  • Mostly 2048 up to 4096 Diffuse and AO textures per model.
  • Models are correctly divided into parts when needed.
  • Models are completely unwrapped.
  • Models are fully textured with all materials applied.
  • Lot of additional file formats included (Blender, Unity, Maya etc.)


Collection Includes

  • Tall Chimney
  • Wooden House Building
  • Wooden Building
  • Tall Water Tower
  • Water Tower
  • Small Wooden

  • Small Church Building
  • Big Yellow Warehouse
  • White Brick Building
  • Lighthouse
  • Big Garage Warehouse
  • Big Port Light

  • Brick House Building
  • Guard Tower
  • Gas Station
  • Weather Radar Tower
  • Copenhagen Windmill
  • Big Radio Tower
  • White Metal Lighthouse

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Building Collection 1


Collection Includes

Here are all the products that are included in Buildings & Structures Collection - Vol 1:

SKU0200_Chimney01 - Tall Chimney


SKU0201_House20 - Wooden House Building Low-poly 3D model


SKU0204_House23 - Wooden Building Low-poly 3D model


SKU0208_WaterTower06 - Tall Water Tower


SKU0210_WaterTower07 - Water Tower 3D model


SKU0211_Building11 - Small Wooden Building


SKU0212_Church01 - Small Church Building


SKU0213_Warehouse04 - Big Yellow Warehouse


SKU0217_House25 - White Brick Building


SKU0218_LightTower05 - Light Tower


SKU0222_Warehouse05 - Big Garage Warehouse


SKU0224_PortLight01 - Big Port Light


SKU0240_House26 - Brick House Building


SKU0248_GuardTower06 - Guard Tower


SKU0250_GasStation01 - Gas Station


SKU0253_RadarTower02 - Weather Radar Tower