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Cars & Trucks Collection - Vol. 2

We're excited to unveil our latest collection of cars and trucks 3D models! Drive into a world of creativity and possibilities with our stunning new vehicles additions. This collection includes 7 low-poly 3D models of cars and trucks. Interiors are also modeled but with less detail.

These assets are best for use in games and VR / AR, real-time applications such as Unity or Unreal Engine. These models can also be rendered in Blender (ex Cycles) or Vray as they are equipped with all required textures.

This collection was built with great attention to detail and realistic proportions with correct geometry. We have made every effort to ensure that the textures are as detailed as possible and made with the greatest care.

Collection Includes:

  1. Medium Size Truck - 5055 Triangles, 4096x Diffuse and AO textures
  2. City Bus - 6526 Triangles, 4096x Diffuse and AO textures
  3. Full Size Van - 4104 Triangles, 2048x2048 Diffuse and AO textures
  4. Garbage Truck - 5778 Triangles, 4096x Diffuse and AO textures
  5. Big Truck With Trailer - 6368 Triangles, 4096x + 2048x Diffuse and AO textures
  6. Car Carrier Truck - 6755 Triangles, 4096x Diffuse and AO textures
  7. Utility Bucket Truck - 6993 Triangles, 4096x Diffuse and AO textures

Technical details:

  • 2048 up to 4096 Diffuse and AO textures
  • Average 5776 tris per car and 3498 vertices per car.
  • Models are correctly divided into main parts and wheels.
  • Models are completely unwrapped.
  • Models are fully textured with all materials applied.
  • Pivot points are correctly placed to suit the animation process.
  • Models are scaled to approximate real-world size (centimeters).
  • All nodes, materials, and textures are appropriately named.

Here is the link to this collection in our store 😊

You can also buy each model separately.

Just go to this product page and at the bottom choose the object you want to buy.

Have fun ! 🎈👍